Care Advice


With Care, Hats develop more character and become better with age.


Hats of any material may be sensitive to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight causing colours to fade, and materials to become brittle.


Protect your hat from the rain and getting wet.
If your hat gets wet, place your hat upside down on it’s crown in a clean area, and allow to naturally dry.


Do not leave your hat in the car or in the sun as the humidity may cause it to lose shape, or the sweatband, cotton, wool or leather, could shrink or distort.


It is best not to place your hat on its brim, it may flatten or lose its curve. Place your hat upside down on its crown on a clean area, for short moments, or long term storage.


Occasionally flip down the sweatband so it can dry and air out. If the sweatband soaks up a lot of moisture, be sure you dry it out often.
If you must clean the sweatband, try using a toothbrush dipped in a mild soap solution and scrubbing. Rinse and blot very carefully. Do not get the hat wet or it might stain.


It is best not to pick up the hat by the pinch; it may misshape or crack.
To avoid getting fingerprint oils on the crown, we suggest that you handle your hat by its brim.


Make sure your hat is in good condition before storing.
Brush your hat. Remove any stains or dirt
Stuff the crown with tissue and Place hat in a hat box with a lid.



Brushed regularly.
Spot Clean with damp cloth. Remove surface dust with a soft brush.
Use a lint remover, Lint roller or some tape to remove lint.
If hat gets something sticky or dirty dripped or splashed on it… immediately run under a gentle stream of room temperature water and tap with fingertip and leave to dry naturally.
Never use a blow dryer or any forced air to heat/dry it as it may lead to shape loss.


Smooth leather hats may be treated as soft leather shoes. They can be waxed and buffed with a clear traditional shoe polish.
Saddle soap cream can be used for cleaning and conditioning.
Patent leather has a high shine finish applied to genuine leather. Do not use any soaps or foreign substances.


Spot Clean with damp cloth. Avoid extreme moisture.