feature crowns Minimalist headpieces and crowns are in but it doesn’t mean that it is less work to do to make it look good. In turn the hairstyle are more prominent. Whether it is a blow-wave or an updo, you need a touch of detail in the hair. The trap of the crown is you think you can just pop it on your head and go but it is guaranteed not to be a good look. They are very obvious to spot out. Follow some our tips to not fall into this trap to help intergrade the headpiece into your hairstyle!   HOW TO WEAR YOUR CROWN: Move your crown forward for a more striking look or Instead of wrapping around the top of your head, your crown can actually forms like a headband. Crowns are super-easy to place on your head and look best when paired with straight down, long and loose or half up, half down hairstyles.   YOU DON’T WANT TO LOOK TOO QUEEN-LIKE. You want to make the old crown image look modern. So styling your hair in a beautiful, soft, tousled look is the key.   CHECK THE WEATHER TO PICK YOUR HAIRSTYLE: In Australia you need to be flexible until the day, you never know what the weather’s going to do, so you are better to have 2 hairstyles at the ready. If it’s raining you want your hair to be neat, tidy and away from your face. It’s important to be able to adapt to the weather.   GIVE CHIGNON A BREAK. It is a fail-safe and it is done to death. Buns have become super-popular and they are good options if you want to wear your hair up. To give the bun a modern twist, try doing the bun to sit on the opposite side of the placement of your crown. Sarah Hyland wears our Thea Crown in silver with a modern top bun. bun2   AVOID UNMANICURED PONYTAILS: Skinny ponytails that haven’t been manicured are just not the scenes for the racetrack. There’s nothing wrong with a ponytail, it is one of the best hairstyle to be worn with crowns, it just has to be styled. First plan how and where you will wear your headpiece. Then choose whether you your hair to be all pulled back, or have some fringe. Use volumizing spray to the pony to add bounce. Don’t just pull it back in that hair tie from your wrist without it being finished. Cover the hair tie. Have attention to details. Jessica Alba looking sleek in her side ponytail, wearing the Athena Crown in silver. ponytail3   NO FRIZZY CURLS NIGHTMARE: Especially if it going to be a humid day. However curls shouldn’t be avoided at all. Curled and wavy hair are nice to soften your crown and overall look. To avoid frizzy curls,  do not play around with your curls right after it has been curled. Wait around 20 minutes until you can properly style your hair and give it some hair spray to set the curly locks. Kerry Washington rocking the Nikita Crown with her fabulous curls.  loose hair 2 I DON’T WANT TO STYLE MY HAIR: Leaving your hair in its natural state it perfectly fine!  It helps hero the crown. With loose hair the key is volume! If your hair is naturally curly, let your voluminous hairdo it’s thing- you’ll be able to hide the ends of your crown easily. If your hair is finer, tease it up a bit. Brittany Snow leaves her hair in straight with a cute side bob, whilst crowning the Grace crown.  SIDEBOB REMEMBER THAT YOU’RE OUTSIDE. Yes, you might be in a marquee, but you’re still out and about. You’re walking around the marquees and you’re generally there for six hours. It’s a long time out in the elements. It’s a bit like doing wedding hair. You have to wear it all day. The hair has to work to balance you out as well. To take your height and figure into consideration. Keri Russell plays smart by keeping her locks in twin braids matched with the Niko Crown.  braid pigtails ARE YOU A RACEDAY NEWCOMER? Don’t over-style it. Keep it beautiful. Your style needs to be comfortable and not too tight – otherwise you’ll get a headache by the end of the day. Always have a mini can of hairspray, and some bobby pins.   Unless you can pull of over-styled, crazy but fabulous up-do hair like Helena Bonham Carter, we recommend you keep it simple. She wears our one and only Farrah Crown. Helena_b_c

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