Going to the races is such a fun part of Australian culture. It’s full of excitement, hype and of course fashion! Seeing the bright colours and the statement headpieces is so thrilling. It’s the best part of the Spring carnival!

However attending the races isn’t as easy as you think. There is the dress you must pick, the shoes you need to buy, the hairstyle you need to organise and do, and most importantly, that fascinator you need to make a statement in!

This can all get so crazy and a little out of hand if you don’t plan early! So here are some tips for picking your fascinators and your overall outfit.



All faces are beautiful! Here are some tips help pick out the right fascinator for you.


Wear fascinators with more width. Can also wear those that are smaller and have more details. For those with longer oval face shapes, a large brim hat complements the face shape.

Scarlett Johansson has a beautiful oval face, wearing our Angela Crown


Wear fascinators that are wide or those with long line details. Fascinators that slope away from the forehead is also fine. Brim hats are recommended.

Emma Stone has the cutest round face, styling in our Isabella’s Hat


Wear fascinators that has layers and heights. Also look for feathers, flowers and/or flowing line details to soften look.

Lucy Lui’s square face is rocking in our Little Antoinette Fascinator.


updo braidshort hairsidebun




This is good for large statement fascinators that clips on the hair.
Use the bun to create space for the headpiece to be placed on your head. For a circular tidy bun, use a hair donut. For a messy bun, go freestyle!

Katie Holmes wears our Rose fascinator with a top messy bun.


Ponytail are great for crowns!
Plan how and where you will wear your headpiece. Add a fringe to frame your face. Use volumizing spray to the pony to add bounce.

Avril uses a side ponytail with some tousled waves, looking pretty in our Matea Crown.


Excellent for fascinators that extend outwards.
Best way for a natural waves is to wash your hair the night before and scrunch up your damp hair and let it dry naturally. Add some texturising spray for that extra wavy look. Touch up with a curling wand the next morning and set with hair spray! Ta da!

(p.s if it’s humid on the day, bring some extra bobby pins and a can of mini hairspray to keep the do in place)

Nicole Scherzinger looking fabulous in our Margot Fascinator with her soft waves.

bun_katie2          ponytail2         loose wavy fas

More details on how to style your hair for crowns will be posted in a later blog.



Firstly pick your outfit after you have purchased your fascinator. Dresses are easier to buy and there are many choices. Whereas fascinators are now. Pick your fascinator first!

As just mentioned, your dress should follow your fascinator. So they should complement each other. Or your dress can be subtly contrasting the fascinator for the fascinator to stand out.

Choose comfy heels! If not, bring fold-up flats to put in your purse. Don’t leave the race ground in bare foot at the end of the day. Always stay classy!

Don’t forget about your skin! I’m not talking about skin prepping to have glowing sun-kissed skin. I’m talking about sunscreen! It’s something no-one really thinks about. You’re going to be in the sun all day. The last thing you want to be having the next day is a hangover combined with a really bad sunburn.



  • The bigger the fascinator does not always means it’s the better
  • The fascinator is going to be the hero of your outfit, think about it first!
  • Just be yourself! Don’t forget you are wearing it so the fascinator should reflect you!

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