ANISS_Millinery Award_Studio_Aniss_2012_Races_Golden_Slipper_millinery_AwardANISS_Millinery Award_Studio_Aniss_2012_Races_Golden_Slipper_best_millinery_award ANISS_Millinery Award_Studio_Aniss_2012_Races_Golden_SlipperANISS_Millinery Award_Studio_Aniss_2012_Races ANISS_Millinery Award_Studio_Aniss_2012ANISS_Millinery Award_Studio_Aniss_2012_Jesinta_Campbell_Races

Golden Slipper Day at Rosehill Gardens saw creativity at its best
during the prestigious Myer Fashions on the Field Millinery Award.

STUDIO ANISS taking out the Myer Fashions on the Filed Millinery Award at Golden Slipper day.
This incredible piece created from leather and felt , pushes the boundaries of contemporary millinery.
MYER Fashions on the Field,  Millinery Award, supported by Vogue, Sunday Style and GQ
Judging criteria:
Style and design of the millinery (originality & concept)
Quality of workmanship of the milliner
Appropriateness of the millinery for Autumn
Suitability in complementing the individual’s total outfit

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